70% wool/30% nylon ; ± 355 g/m² (10.5 oz/yd2)  

Excellent tournament pool cloth massively used in the whole world for decades. Especially recommended for high traffic. This reference cloth is legend ! It is also the best and most appropriate cloth for Russian Pyramid.


90% wool/10% nylon ; ± 410 g/m² (12.1oz/yd2)  

The exclusive tournament pool cloth chosen for virtually all major pool tournaments and championships worldwide (see most important events in our “References”). The greatest !


90% wool/10% nylon ; ± 300 g/m²  (8.9 oz/yd2)  

The cloth of the most important Carom 3-cushions and artistic championships worldwide (U.M.B., C.E.B., C.P.B., Asian Games). The best answer to all kinds of game requiring high speed and precision. Really the cloth of champions !


860 Simonis cloth
Picture of Red
40-SS_ _BRD / RRD

English Green
860 Simonis cloth
Picture of English Green
40-SS- - BEU / REU

Dark Green
860 Simonis cloth
Picture of Dark Green
40-SS_ _BDG / RDG

860 Simonis cloth
Picture of Wine
40-SS_ _BWE / RWE