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Inside Pocket Billiards will help the beginning player to develop his game and the more experienced devotee to perfect his game by applying the techniques used by the most advanced pros. Mizerak discusses the table, balls, lighting, and the player's most impor- tant piece of equipment-the cue stick. Next, Mizerak guides the novice through all of the fundamentals: stance, grip, stroke, aiming, and-most important-forming the bridge. Mizerak completes his instruction in ba- sics by describing each major shot: the draw, stop, follow, and all types of "English." Both an instructional manual and a treasure trove of winning tips, Inside Pocket Billiards describes how to play-and win at-more than fifteen popular pocket billiards games: Eight Ball, Nine Ball, One-Pocket, Rota- tion, Poker, Pocket Billiards, Boy Meets Girl, Snooker, and many more. Steve Mizerak, a former 7th grade teacher, began playing pool at the age of four. He has since won the U.S. Open Championship four times, the Billiard News Open Championship five times, and the New Jersey State Championship eight times. In 1980, Mizerak was the youngest player ever to be inducted into the Billiards Congress of America Hall of Fame. He is also the author of Steve Mizerak's Pocket Billiards: Tips and Trick Shots and Just Showin' Off, both published by Contemporary.