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Steve Mizerak, two-time World Billiards Champion and member of the infamous Miller Lite gang, says, "You're never too good to learn!" Pocket billiards players of all skill levels can take a lesson from a real master, as Steve offers tips and techniques that will bring out the cham- pion in you. Packed with straightforward advice and highlighted by Steve's personal anecdotes, this book shows you how to develop your own style as a pool player and become a better competitor. Steve offers his own techniques for forming a "game plan" and developing strategies for Straight Pool, Nine-Ball, Eight-Ball, and One-Pocket, in- cluding tips for shooting your way out of specific sit- uations. In a hilarious chapter on "Poolroom Character Types," Steve talks about the many characters he has known during his colorful career. From "Wild Wally" to "Boozer Bill" to "Flamboyant Freddie," these "typical" pool play- ers-all illustrated with original caricatures-may re- mind you of someone you know! A pool player since the age of four, Steve has played in hundreds of matches, and he talks freely about those that have meant a lot to his career so that you can learn from his experiences. From the opening break to the last shot, Steve's entertaining expertise will make you a winner at pocket billiards in no time! Steve Mizerak has won the U.S. Open Championship four times, the Billiard News Open five times, and the New Jersey State Championship eight times. In 1980, he was the youngest player ever to be inducted into the Billiards Congress of America Hall of Fame. Steve is the author of Inside Pocket Billiards and Steve Mizerak's Pocket Billiards Tips and Trick Shots.